About Paula

Author Paula Wynne's book Do it Yourself Websites is on sale from August.

Paula Wynne is the author of Amazon bestseller Pimp My Site and Create A Successful Website. Paula has spent the past seven years on a wild ride and quickly went from sling swinger to bestselling author.

Paula’s inspiring tale, her warm enthusiasm and her ‘breath of fresh air’ soon received invitations to speak at events. After being invited by BT to speak at the everywoman conference in November 2009, Paula left buzzing with ideas and while on the train home she scribbled away at the seeds for her first book, Create A Successful Website.

The book hit the bestselling lists on Amazon overnight after it launched, which led to Paula’s second book, Pimp My Site, being whisked up by Global Publishing Giant, Wiley.

Paula’s energy seems endless because while writing her second book, her and Ken came up with the concept of iHubbub’s home business community. Their relationship had got stronger and closer during their ordeal and they wanted to bring a unique concept of helping home business owners to get their business out there.

Ken and Paula are extremely passionate about iHubbub and the eclectic collection of home business entrepreneurs in their community. While some may say they could be the wisely parents gathering together their flock, this home business couple believe they are in the very same shoes as their members.

Author And Online Entrepreneur

As a small home business starting out as the recession hit the UK, Paula experienced the financial constraints that every small business startup, entrepreneur, and independent business working on a shoestring has to juggle.

Instead of waiting to afford the valuable digital marketing resource needed for her business, Paula taught herself everything she could about keywords, optimization and online search marketing.

Her many years of PR and offline marketing experience paid dividends and boosted her website growth, working in tandem with her new-found skill in SEO. And soon enough, Remote Employment  became Google’s No 1 in the world for flexible home based jobs.

Watch Channel 4 Secret Millionaire, Caroline Marsh, and Woman and Home Journalist Fiona Wright, talk about their review of Create A Successful Website on YouTube.

Paula's Business Awards

Winner of BT Small Business Week 'Responsible Business Day' Award
Winner of BT FreshIdeas Events Mentor Competition
Nominated Top 100 Business in Barclays Trading Places Award
Runner Up in the Enterprise Challenge in the 2009 Enterprising Women Awards
Finalist for Best Online Business in Women on their Way Awards

iHubbub's Awards

Business Consultant

Paula works with small start ups to advice, councel and mentor their business in all aspects of business and focussing on PR, Media Relations, Marketing, Web Development and SEO. See more details about Paula's business consultations tackling a variety of subjects, challenges and issues that new business owners face, from suitable, relevant and specific business ideas, starting a website to marketing and promoting a website or business.


Paula is often featured on BBC Radio and talks to people across the UK about the exciting home and as a industry expert for alternative working, she is often called upon to discuss the remote and home working revolution.


Paula's motivation, passion and inspiration is evident when she speaks at events and workshops. She is down to earth and is often referrred to as 'a breath of fresh air'. See more details here about Paula's speaking events.


Paula runs various workshops for beginners and intermediate learners who are keen to teach themselves new skills. Her workshops are interactive and she invites people to bring along their challenges so they can work them out together. See more details here about Paula's workshops.