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Deadly Wind Chime

Deadly Wind Chime used in The Grottos Secret

When I was thinking of an idea of how to frighten my main character in my conspiracy suspense thriller (The Grotto's Secret) with something terrible the villain does to her family, I came up with the idea of hanging an ear (yes, a human ear) to a wind chime (please don't do this at home!).

Scare The Pants Off Your Readers

Scare The Pants Off Your Readers

When I wrote a post on why we humans loved to be scared, I realised that millions of people don't like reading thrillers because they don't like to be scared. But many more millions love, abso-loot-ly love to be scared. Not just scared, but having the pants scared off them.

We'd have to see a shrink to fully understand why we love having our insides twisted and turned and why we love escaping with our fictional characters into suspense filled plots and dark, spooky locations.

Inspiring A Historical Conspiracy Novel

Inspiring A Novel

The garden looks overgrown which makes me groan. I have so much work to still do on The Grotto's Secret, yet I want to sit and look at this view all day. I never tire from gazing at it and have new plots pop up in my head with plot buzzing around my brain and new characters coming to life.

A view to inspire a novel?

Certainly, this one inspired the fictional setting for my conspiracy thriller, along with one of the main characters from the middle ages, and it inspires me to write every day.

View From My Writing Room

View From My Writing Room

This is where I will be writing the last edits of The Grotto's Secret. When we bought our new home in Spain this breathtaking view inspired the location for my conspiracy thriller and gave me the idea to use a historical time lapse.

I have always been fascinated with history and not knowing much about Spanish history or the middle ages in Spain, compelled me to dive into doing lots of research about living in medieval Spain.